Your tax consultants

Thank you so much for your interest in our firm and the services we offer.

We have a motto here: Those who stop getting better have stopped being good.

Since 1993 it has been our primary motivation to provide you, the medium-sized business, with a comprehensive range of consultancy services to suit all your needs.

We have succeeded in growing our firm continuously and have found over the years that it is always essential to align our human resources towards your increasing requirements, not least because of the positive developments in the companies we support. In order to ensure individual and comprehensive consultancy, we are on hand to provide you with tax consultants, certified management accountants, tax experts, assistant tax consultants and other qualified employees in the areas of

  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Preparation of balance sheets / tax declarations of all types
  • Tax consultancy
  • Business consultancy
  • Rating advisory

who can offer regular and timely advice. We can also handle other matters on your behalf through continuous cooperation between our tax consultancy firm and equally competent professionals. From this cooperation we have developed strong partnerships which are always of benefit to our clients.

Naturally we use the most modern data processing technology, making it possible for us to have a process-oriented and streamlined corporate organisation and short decision-making paths.